Psychic Abilities Explained: Claircognizance

What is claircognizance?

The word claircognizance means ‘clear knowing’. What the term refers to is the ability to receive information or to know without having been fed the information through any of the five senses (hearing, seeing, touching, feeling, or tasting).

Someone who is claircognizant will know things without knowing how or why he or she knows it. Information received in this way is also true and the recipient knows that it is true when they receive it.

How Claircognizance Works

Information received through this gift is usually receive through either the third eye chakra (in the middle of the forehead) or through the crown chakra (at the top of the head). Claircognizance is also one of the most overlooked psychic abilities because it’s so hard to back up facts or information received in this way.

The recipient will have no way of validating information or providing facts to back up information he or she receives, not even to explain where the information came from. It’s a common belief that when someone receives information in this way, he or she receives the information directly into their mind or that spirit guides place the information there without interfering in the process.

What to Expect from a Claircognizant Reader

Though a sentient of this type may know certain things, he or she will be by no means ‘all knowing’. This psychic ability often manifests in a reading with the reader giving information about someone he or she could not possibly have known through ordinary means. A simple example would be knowing that the person in question is a heavy drinker or that someone is lying or has a hidden agenda.

Claircognizance can also manifest in the past, present or future tense by offering insights into events that have alread occurred, events that are currently taking place or even about events that are in the future. This ties in with postcognition (receiving information about past events) and precognition (receiving information about possible future events).

Not All Readers are Claircognizant

It’s important to remember that not all psychics share all the clair senses or have all psychic abilities. Not all psychics are claircognizant, so if you’re looking for someone who has this ability in particular, be sure to read their profiles, websites, reviews, and so on to ensure that they have the gift of claircognizance. Some readers may be clairvoyant and clairsentient, while others are clairsentient and clairaudient. The list of possible combinations are truly endless.

Claircognizance may be one of the lesser known abilities but is a powerful tool in any psychic reading. It offers information in a way that is direct but may not offer the backup information such as the ‘whys’, ‘hows’, or ‘whens’ associated with the information.

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