3 Types of Automatic Gates

3 Types of Automatic Gate

There are many reasons to consider installing an automatic gate at your home or business, including added security and greater convenience, as well as increased property values. But how do you choose the right type of automatic gate?

When it comes to selecting electric automatic opening for your property, you have several options, including a sliding, a swing, or a lift gate. Each type of gate has advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll need to consider your specific needs and situation before making a decision.

1. Swing gates. Automatic electric gates are the most common type of automatic gate and are an ideal solution for most residential customers. Many businesses also choose swing. Whether installed at a home or business, swing gates are hung on pillars or posts and swing open and closed, much like a door. Some swing gates have a single long panel that is hinged on one side, while others have two panels. Because of the way they open and close, swing require a lot of flat driveway space to operate, so they aren’t appropriate for every situation.

The swing type is affordable and attractive, and provides the security that most people are looking for in electric gates. They have the simplest mechanics and are relatively easy to install. Handy individuals may even be able to install a swing gate on their own over the weekend, through opting for professional installation can help you avoid problems in the future.

2. Sliding gates. Sliding (also known as cantilevered gates) can be a good option if space is limited or your driveway is on a steep incline, since they can work on an angle. These gates slide from side to side on a track and are more common in commercial situations. By choosing a sliding gate, you won’t have to pay to have the ground leveled as you would with a swing gate. However, this kind may cost more to purchase than a traditional swing gate. Like swing gates, they come in a variety of attractive styles.

3. Lift gates. Lift gates are ideal for small spaces. This type of access rises up and then lifts out. It is often found in urban areas where there is limited space on the sides of the gate. While a lift gate may be used in residences, it is most commonly used in commercial parking garages. However, if space is tight, a lift gate could be the ideal solution.

If you’re not sure which type of automatic gate is best for your home or business, talk to a company that specializes in automatic gate sales and installation. Their on-staff experts can help you evaluate your options and choose an affordable automatic gates in Canberra that meets your needs.