How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Bird Feeder

Every manufacturer seems to claim they have an Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder or a Squirrel Proof Feeder. Trial after trial of these feeders had me asking if this even possible. Imagine the hour’s people have burned in the pursuit of How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Bird Feeder.

Until recently most so-called Squirrel Proof Feeders were actually just squirrel resistant. Meaning if you put the feeder where there were no squirrels or positioned just right than you might not see squirrels eating your precious birdseed. Some Anti Squirrel Bird Feeders only worked with fully charged batteries, and rarely worked in cold weather, while others worked until the squirrel figured out he could swing the feeder shaking all the seed to the ground.

Squirrels are very persistent and will go to every length to find food. Over the years I have seen every Squirrel Proof Feeder ever made along with hundreds of contraptions that never made it to the commercial market. The designs and materials used for these feeders were vast.

The problem with most attempts to create an Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder is that if a squirrel can’t get to the food easily, then they will chew through it. If they can’t chew through the feeder they will figure a way to swing the feeder to sling the seed to the ground. Most wild animals will get bored after several attempts to get food, but not squirrels!

One part of the solution is to find a bird feeder made of metal that does not have any ninety degree corners or sides to allow easy chewing. Yes, squirrels can chew through metal, especially the thin metals used in all bird feeders. Besides the feeder closing up when a squirrel gets on it you also want the closing mechanism sensitivity to be easily adjustable.

Making matters worse is that if you let squirrels have their way with your feeders they will eventually chew holes into your soffiting, roof overhang, of your house or chew into your out buildings and sheds to store their stash for later feeding and to raise baby squirrels. Talk about a mess!!!

Another biological factor of squirrels, as well as mice and rabbits, is they have to chew on things (wire, wood, metal, trees, even rocks) to grind down there teeth. Unlike human adult teeth a squirrels teeth continue to grow and need to be continually ground down in order to eat and drink.

The question of How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Bird Feeder sounds simple, yet homeowners and businesses have spent an eternity trying to figure this out. A Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder can be purchased, made at home with a lot of trial and error, or you could just switch to Safflower Seed which the squirrels don’t like, yet all the songbirds adore.

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