Infographics and Data Visualization – A Better Way for Associations to Get the Message Through

The recent upswing of information graphics and data visualization is not a surprise anymore. More and more companies are using infographics to communicate their messages and reach target audiences.

In today’s busy world, nobody has the time to go over extensive publications or hard to read tables and graphs. With over 90% of the information we remember being visual, infographics are here to stay for a long time.

And yet, having a closer look at some of the communication tools European associations are using to reach their membership across Europe and EU officials, infographics are not so popular. Parts of the problem lies with the fact that European associations do not have a full picture of the benefits infographics bring to them and their members.

So what are the benefits for associations to use more infographics?

For a start, infographics allow representation of your raw data in a clear and simpler way. It gives you the opportunity to bring life to your old graphs and tables. More importantly, infographics tell stories which cannot easily be told using standard tools. Infographics put you in control of what message you want to send and how memorable it shall be. Your audience will not remember a bar chart but with the help of infographics they will remember what that bar chart was about.

Secondly, infographics combine interesting data with great design. You might be excited about the benefits of your or your members’ services or products but do not expect everyone else to share this. In fact, showing a graph will not be different. However, showing infographics loaded with solid data, attention to detail and beautiful design, will have a greater impact.

Thirdly, infographics show great consideration and professionalism for your audience. At the end of the day, we were all trained (most of us anyway!) to make graphs and charts. Creating infographics is much more than that. It requires good raw data, ability to have a story, create a concept and deliver an effective design. Your members, business partners and other stakeholders will appreciate going the extra mile for them.

Last but not least a few words of advice about infographics

We mentioned the benefits of infogaphics for your association and members and it is important that we close with a few words of advice.

1. Infographics are powerful marketing & communication tools. Poor raw data, misleading or unclear information will never deliver effective infographics.
2. For balanced infographics work with professionals both on content and design.
3. There are several infographics templates around the web free of use. It might be tempted to go for those but your infographics must be unique, customized to your needs and based on your identity.
4. Price: infographics are an investment. Effective infographics are memorable and are to be used along your whole communication & marketing channels.

How to make a great infographic click here.