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5. 0 1 Evaluation He sido profesor de Karate durante ms de 40 aos y me he especializado en Karate deportivo. He sido entrenador de varios atletas que han representado a su pas en eventos internacionales. Realic capacitaciones en varios pases como Ecuador, Colombia, Mxico, Estados Unidos y Cuba. Por el momento tengo la certificacin 6th Dan en el estilo Shotokan.

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Hello Dojo readers, I desired to change equipments a bit with today’s post and speak about something that I get asked about relatively frequently. This is a terrific concern that many, lots of martial artists have actually addressed in much more information; I’m not claiming to be the professional by any ways.

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The problem firstthe martial arts are an exceptionally diverse and unregulated umbrella of disciplines covering a huge spectrum varying from no-contact/no-impact “soft” designs (e. g. Qigong, Tai Chi, etc.) to full-contact/high-impact “difficult” styles (e. g. Muay Thai, boxing, fumbling). So you have to very first decide what it is you are looking to discover or do Are you desiring a focus on useful self-defense with very couple of “guidelines” and an emphasis on effective strategies which would normally be thought about “low-cost”? If so, then you might desire to think about a school that includes those things in its curriculum (Krav Maga, Kajukenbo, Catch/Submission grappling, Jujitsu, etc.).

” Get me THIS method” does not equate well into real life conflicts and there are LOTS OF systems and teachers out there who can do numerous elegant and impressive looking techniqueswhen assaulted in a completely impractical way. Allow a real master to show So what exactly do I indicate by requiring to train versus ‘reluctant and uncooperative’ opponents? Let me discuss with a really brief history lesson (bear with me!) In the 1800s in Japan, there were lots of styles of martial arts which all claimed to be the very best or most effective, due to their collection of “fatal” and “vicious” techniques.

So they established pre-arranged sequences of attacks and counters in order to associate these methods safely. But a little athletics instructor named Dr. Jigoro Kano saw a major flaw in this approach. The trainees training in these designs never ever got to do their techniques at full force and full speed against someone who was intent on stopping them.

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His option was counter-intuitivebut brilliant. Kano took out all the “fatal” techniques from the different designs and only permitted strategies that a person might do full force and full speed but without completely injuring one’s training partner. So things like eye gouging, little joint breaks, and all hard strikes (kicking, punching, knee strikes, headbutts, elbow strikes, and so on) were removed entirely.

Later on, among Kano’s students, Mitsuyo Maeda, added and improved more ground-based techniques (broadening the number of choices readily available to the specialist once the battle goes to the ground) and taught this design to the kids of a family he met upon transferring to Brazil. This household, the Gracies, further improved what Maeda taught them and wound up establishing the style called Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) or Gracie Jiujitsu.