My Online Income System Review – 5 Reasons to Go For It

Due to the 10% unemployment within our economy, a lot of people are searching the Internet and looking for ways to make money online. I am one of those individuals who has spent hours of research on products being advertised to make you money online. There are so many products out there and I know first hand how frustrating it can be especially if you are new to the concept of making money on the Internet. Not to mention the fear of being scammed – so I have decided to share my results in this review.

As I mentioned earlier there are many online income systems being sold and if you are a beginner I would highly recommend that you look into My Online Income System. I’m not saying this is the best income system available but if you don’t have any previous experience making money online and money is tight you simply cannot go wrong with this program.

Five reasons My Online Income System is one of the best beginner programs available online.

1. Affordability

If the economy has forced you to seek employment from the Internet that probably means you have very little money to work with and you’re not looking to spend a lot of money but want to make some money. There are some programs they may rank above My Online Income System but you’re going to pay ten times the amount if not more and a lot of them are hard to follow because they use terms that beginners don’t understand. Plus, many programs ask for a reoccurring monthly fee as much as $30.00 or more a month. My Online Income System has no reoccurring monthly fee. It only has a one time initial fee under $50.00 and there are no hidden costs.

2. Refund Policy

Kimberly Hoffman stands by her product. All products and services owned and operated by My Online Income System come with a 60 day (not 30 day) full refund policy which is definitely enough time for you to know if this is the type of work you want to pursue. If this is not for you, a total refund can be made with a no questions asked policy that they will honor as long as you send your email receipt to them and confirm date of purchase. So, there is nothing to lose and many programs fall short when it comes to there refund policy.

3. Action Plan

Lets face it, if this is the first time you have ventured to make money online it’s going to be a bit hard if not impossible to know what your action plan should be let alone to have one. My Online Income System has a sequential sixty day action plan designed for someone who has no experience making money online. I like the flow and layout of their action plan because they don’t jump around or assume that you already know the basics. Terminology is explained and they start with the basics and take you to the next step. It’s easy to stay on track or review something you didn’t quite understand the first time around. Since the action plan day consists of about two hours per day it’s easy for someone having employment during the day to follow along two hours every night. There simply are not many programs that give you that daily focus as provided by My Online Income System

4. Training

I found the My Online Income System’s method of training to be very effective. They have a web site dedicated to training 24/7 that operates with an easy step by step menu driven learning system which allows anyone to individually learn at their own pace. Instructions are given and then a follow through with an assignment that supports what you were just taught. As you are learning and completing the assignments given to you… you will start to make money. Plus, they put a lot of emphases on leaning each step of the process of making money online the right way and don’t leave anything out or skip a topic assuming it’s information anyone should know. Everything is very well organized and easy to follow which creates a comfortable learning environment. Again, I haven’t found many programs that offer this level of training. Instead, I’ve seen systems with e-book’s and/or videos thrown at me without the knowledge and explanations that My Online Income System provides.

5. Resources

My Online Income System offers an e-book of the basics, action plan, 24/7 forum, email support and many free resources. They use a lot of free resources within assignments and are geared toward explaining free services available for making money online to avoid paying for resources and keeping cost down. An explanation is given of resources that cost money so there is a general understanding of what’s available. The forum is great if you get stuck and have questions about a particular assignment you may be working on. Plus, it’s good for networking with others and throwing around ideas. There is also the email support they provide and will respond back with an answer within 24 hours of receiving a question. Given that the My Online Income System price is under $50.00, I haven’t seen anything that compares with how much they have to offer and what you receive for the purchase of the program.

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Now lets talk about reality. The My Online Income System will not make you a millionaire and it’s not a get rich quick plan. This is a system that provides you with the tools to make money online. You need to follow the action plan and apply what you learn to be successful and make money online. Out of all the programs I have researched I have chosen My Online Income System because anyone from any situation can make money using this system but you need to be willing to learn and work at it. I also picked this system because it gives you more for the buck than any other program I have reviewed and it provides you with a full refund if you find that making online is not for you. To me, this is a win-win situation and nobody who gets involved with this program will walk away disappointed. The only negative information I have ever come across pertaining to this system was from individuals trying to promote a different income product and in doing so ended up bashing My Online Income System. I hope this review has helped you with any questions you may have had of My Online Income System.