How a Professional Office Moving Company Prevents Data Breaches

Moving your office or data center is far more complex and challenging than moving your residence. This is because mission critical information is at risk during each point of the move, which opens the door to data breaches inside your company. If an office move isn’t handled appropriately, your business could face overwhelming consequences.

Make sure you use a professional office moving company that is compliant with all federal and state records management laws. These companies can help you move your office using secure procedures, and limit the risks and liabilities of a data breach. Even with the assistance of these professional office movers, there are still steps you must take to protect your sensitive data and your business before the move.

Select a Project Manager
Assigning a team member to oversee the entire move is crucial during your office relocation. This experienced and knowledgeable person can help with the pre-planning process, coordinate with the office mover, and manage any relocation issues that might arise.

Eliminate Obsolete Technology and Office Items
Avoid moving old technology, equipment, and office furniture that you don’t use to the new location. Go through your office and locate unwanted networking equipment, computers, printers, phones, furniture, and copiers that can be destroyed or donated. Your office moving company may have a disposal service that can remove and dispose of the items for you.

Use a Secure Chain of Custody
Your confidential business, customer, vendor, and employee data must be moved safely and smartly as well. A secure chain of custody ensures that all paper documents and files in your office are relocated without the risks of a data breach.

A professional office moving company will use industry-leading chain of custody protocols throughout the relocation, while still making your move as efficient as possible. These procedures include moving your records with gondolas that are wrapped in plastic with security seals, and giving the authority to cut the seal to only one person.

Store Old Records Wisely
Old records are at high risk for data breaches because companies rarely put as much emphasis on protecting outdated or unwanted records. However, any record that contains customer data or company information puts your business at significant risk. Your best option is to work with an office moving company that also owns a secure records storage facility. You’ll save on moving costs and space at the new location, and you can reduce your risk for data breaches in the process.

Hire the Right Office Mover
There’s a big difference between using an experienced office moving company and a regular mover that doesn’t specialize in commercial relocation. You’ll want to hire a qualified office mover with data and records management expertise to secure your digital and paper files during the move.

A professional office mover will make the relocation process as seamless as possible, which means your company will be back up and running quickly after the move. Some things to look before you hire an office moving company include:

• Records management experience
• Records storage and destruction capabilities
• Secure chain of custody moving procedures
• Specialized pallets and materials that move IT and office equipment safely and securely
• Managed moving services and reconnect assistance to help you set up at the new location
• Employees who have undergone extensive background checks and are trained in the intricacies of office relocations and records moving
• Compliance with all federal and state regulations, including HIPAA

If your business is planning an office move, you probably already understand the complexity of the process and the importance of putting your sensitive data in the hands of a mover you can trust. You only want to work with a reputable office moving company that uses best practices and cutting-edge equipment.

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Tips To Effective Mold Testing And Removal

If you’re the sort who doesn’t notice easily, mold can creep in and take over your home without you noticing its presence in the first place. When it finally dawns on you that you have an outbreak of mold in your home, trying to clean up the situation won’t be that simple. Getting mold removal or mold remediation companies to do the job is usually the suggested situation, but if you aren’t financially buoyant or if you want to save a few bucks you can effectively go about testing the different areas of your house and doing the mold removal by yourself.

If you’re testing for mold it isn’t really difficult. You ought to this as often as you can in order to ensure that the home is safe for your family. One way that you can find out if mold is present in your home is if anyone in your home has developed any allergies that you find unexplainable. This is one surefire indicator that you have someone in your home that suffers from such allergies. If you’ve detected the presence of black mold in your house the very next step is mold removal. You should start out by looking out for this mold in your home.

Looking for the locations where mold in your house, you should usually start from areas that will potentially have a large presence of damp due to exposure to water or lack of exposure to strong light such as bathrooms in the first case and basements in the second scenario. Mold can easily form over any surface and you should take a careful look for any possible places that mold may occur. These surfaces may be cement surfaces and even tiled surfaces. As long as you don’t dedicate special care to the place in question and make sure that it’s kept dry then mold will easily occur. In certain cases mold formation will start inside a surface that may be made of material such as wood and may not be detectable until much later on. For cases such as mold that are not easily detectable, you can easily purchase homemade mold testing kits in order to see if you have any mold growth in your home. You can visit for more information on mold testing and removal.

After mold testing and inspection is completed the next step that logically follows is the removal of the mold. Before you start the process of mold removal you should ensure that the area being worked on is properly ventilated. Not only should it be properly ventilated but it should be quite airy as well. If the mold detected is in the open you can simply use a combination of percentages of bleach and water in order to get rid of the mold. Bleach works well and cheaply because it isn’t expensive and can do the same thing that commercial solutions provide for home owners. Bleach may not remove mold as easily as you think and in this case the best thing that you can do is find a well tested and reviewed commercial solution capable of resolving the problems associated with mold.

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Termite Control – Steps for Colony Control

When it comes to termites, exterminating these pests from your house is only part of the solution. It’s vitally important to eradicate the colony and if you do not, your house may come under attack from termites all over again. There are a number of strategies for dealing with the termite colonies, such as termite baits, chemical barriers and dusts.


Baits are set up near areas of activity to attract termites. The termites ingest the bait product and then return to the nest, and the toxin is then spread throughout the colony due to social and feeding habits. This method may be effective but it tends to be slow and is not the best option where there needs to be immediate control. According to the CSIRO, the active ingredients of baits may include trioxide, hexaflumuron, noviflumuron or chlorfluazuron.

Chemical Barriers

These are usually set up around the building foundations or under the house, and may be the in-soil type — where the termiticide is placed in the soil; or in-plastic i.e. a plastic sheet containing the chemical. The chemical is undetectable to termites and is carried back to the colony, where it is spread to other termites, thus having a devastating effect on the colony. The active ingredients of the termite control chemicals may include bifenthrin, chlropyrifos, deltamethrin, fipronil or imidacloprid.


Termite control dusts work a bit like chemical barriers, in that the product is applied to the termite infested area, and then carried back to the colony. Dusts usually contain arsenic trioxide, fipronil or triflumuron as their active ingredient.

Direct Colony Elimination

If the termite controlling professional can locate a nest — in a tree or a tree-stump for instance — it is possible to destroy the colony directly, either by removing the tree or stump, or by applying a termiticide or arsenic trioxide to the area through a small hole.

Whichever method of termite control is used, it is essential to apply enough of the chemical product to eradicate the whole colony. If a dusting method is used for instance, and there is insufficient termite control product transferred back to the nest, the colony may continue to thrive.

Termite control should be always be handled by a pest extermination professional, who not only has the licence to use termiticides and other termite control chemicals, but who’s qualified and experienced enough to know which method should work the most efficiently on your particular property.

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What to Look For in Lawn Care Programs to Get the Best One for You

Everyone wants to have a beautiful landscaping accentuating their house and helping to make it as attractive as possible. They also want their lawn to be easy to maintain and free of pests and weeds. With busy schedules, many people like you don’t have the time or energy to put into your lawn maintenance program. That is why hiring one of the many lawn care companies in Hamilton, Ontario might be the answer to your problem. What you do need to do however, is to compare lawn services to find the one that suits you best-and the one that offers you the most for your money.

Here are a few things you should look for before you commit to a professional lawn care service:

First of all, you need to decide whether you need a lawn care service to provide spring, summer, fall and/or winter lawn maintenance. If you do, try to choose a company that will fertilize your lawn in all seasons so that you end up with the greenest and healthiest grass possible.

You also need to decide if you want organic lawn services that use only as much control products as is necessary to keep weeds and pests under control. Organic lawn maintenance products, geared to different seasons, are your best option for the best lawn and for environmentally friendly purposes. Of course, you may want to delve into the blend and type of fertilizer that is used on your lawn, but sometimes it is best decided by the professional lawn care company you hire.

The professional lawn care service you decide on should guard against various pests as well. They should offer protection against chinch bugs and white grubs, while still remaining within the restraints of using as many environmentally friendly products as possible. A good option for dealing with grubs is the use of Nematode (biological) grub control. This method uses microscopic worms to kill grubs in your lawn. Ask if this type of treatment is available in the lawn maintenance program you choose.

Professional lawn service companies should also provide treatments for fungus problems, do professional soil tests, and use soil supplements and additives to give you the best lawn possible. They should provide core aeration, in which plugs of soil are removed to increase oxygenation to improve your soil structure and allow grass to grow better. They should also offer weed control protection and management for broadleaf weeds (such as dandelions, plantain, clover and others), creeping charlie (that thrives in moist, shady areas) and crabgrass.

Some lawn maintenance companies go beyond only looking after your lawn. Some companies will also help with vegetation control for driveways, patios and walkways. Some will also help control insects in your trees, or provide deep root feeding of your trees and shrubs. Lawn service companies like these go above and beyond in their lawn care programs, and if you require these services it is good to ask at the onset if the professional lawn maintenance company you decide on provides these options.

While comparing all of the products and lawn maintenance programs offered, you still need to look at costs. Compare the products and services of one professional lawn care program with another and find out which is most cost effective. Remember to compare ‘apples with apples’ so that you know you are getting the best price for your lawn maintenance service.

My Online Income System Review – 5 Reasons to Go For It

Due to the 10% unemployment within our economy, a lot of people are searching the Internet and looking for ways to make money online. I am one of those individuals who has spent hours of research on products being advertised to make you money online. There are so many products out there and I know first hand how frustrating it can be especially if you are new to the concept of making money on the Internet. Not to mention the fear of being scammed – so I have decided to share my results in this review.

As I mentioned earlier there are many online income systems being sold and if you are a beginner I would highly recommend that you look into My Online Income System. I’m not saying this is the best income system available but if you don’t have any previous experience making money online and money is tight you simply cannot go wrong with this program.

Five reasons My Online Income System is one of the best beginner programs available online.

1. Affordability

If the economy has forced you to seek employment from the Internet that probably means you have very little money to work with and you’re not looking to spend a lot of money but want to make some money. There are some programs they may rank above My Online Income System but you’re going to pay ten times the amount if not more and a lot of them are hard to follow because they use terms that beginners don’t understand. Plus, many programs ask for a reoccurring monthly fee as much as $30.00 or more a month. My Online Income System has no reoccurring monthly fee. It only has a one time initial fee under $50.00 and there are no hidden costs.

2. Refund Policy

Kimberly Hoffman stands by her product. All products and services owned and operated by My Online Income System come with a 60 day (not 30 day) full refund policy which is definitely enough time for you to know if this is the type of work you want to pursue. If this is not for you, a total refund can be made with a no questions asked policy that they will honor as long as you send your email receipt to them and confirm date of purchase. So, there is nothing to lose and many programs fall short when it comes to there refund policy.

3. Action Plan

Lets face it, if this is the first time you have ventured to make money online it’s going to be a bit hard if not impossible to know what your action plan should be let alone to have one. My Online Income System has a sequential sixty day action plan designed for someone who has no experience making money online. I like the flow and layout of their action plan because they don’t jump around or assume that you already know the basics. Terminology is explained and they start with the basics and take you to the next step. It’s easy to stay on track or review something you didn’t quite understand the first time around. Since the action plan day consists of about two hours per day it’s easy for someone having employment during the day to follow along two hours every night. There simply are not many programs that give you that daily focus as provided by My Online Income System

4. Training

I found the My Online Income System’s method of training to be very effective. They have a web site dedicated to training 24/7 that operates with an easy step by step menu driven learning system which allows anyone to individually learn at their own pace. Instructions are given and then a follow through with an assignment that supports what you were just taught. As you are learning and completing the assignments given to you… you will start to make money. Plus, they put a lot of emphases on leaning each step of the process of making money online the right way and don’t leave anything out or skip a topic assuming it’s information anyone should know. Everything is very well organized and easy to follow which creates a comfortable learning environment. Again, I haven’t found many programs that offer this level of training. Instead, I’ve seen systems with e-book’s and/or videos thrown at me without the knowledge and explanations that My Online Income System provides.

5. Resources

My Online Income System offers an e-book of the basics, action plan, 24/7 forum, email support and many free resources. They use a lot of free resources within assignments and are geared toward explaining free services available for making money online to avoid paying for resources and keeping cost down. An explanation is given of resources that cost money so there is a general understanding of what’s available. The forum is great if you get stuck and have questions about a particular assignment you may be working on. Plus, it’s good for networking with others and throwing around ideas. There is also the email support they provide and will respond back with an answer within 24 hours of receiving a question. Given that the My Online Income System price is under $50.00, I haven’t seen anything that compares with how much they have to offer and what you receive for the purchase of the program.

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Now lets talk about reality. The My Online Income System will not make you a millionaire and it’s not a get rich quick plan. This is a system that provides you with the tools to make money online. You need to follow the action plan and apply what you learn to be successful and make money online. Out of all the programs I have researched I have chosen My Online Income System because anyone from any situation can make money using this system but you need to be willing to learn and work at it. I also picked this system because it gives you more for the buck than any other program I have reviewed and it provides you with a full refund if you find that making online is not for you. To me, this is a win-win situation and nobody who gets involved with this program will walk away disappointed. The only negative information I have ever come across pertaining to this system was from individuals trying to promote a different income product and in doing so ended up bashing My Online Income System. I hope this review has helped you with any questions you may have had of My Online Income System.

Business Benefits of Custom Software Development

All businesses and organisations will typically need some form of software during their lifecycle. The types of software utilised by most companies range from applications that will enable better management of key organisational functions – Human Resources, Finances and Accounts, inventory and stock and even running projects, to more specific items of software that have a key purpose such as Content Management Software for use on company websites. Although these software applications can be purchased “off the shelf”, there are many business benefits that can be associated with choosing custom software development.

Custom Software Development is created for you

Developing custom software is a bespoke, made to measure process, which means that any applications and software programmes created as a result of the process will be entirely made for your company and its individual needs and requirements. Basically, a piece of custom made software is flexible and has the potential to fulfil your specifications meaning that it is easy to use and can be deployed throughout your entire organisation. Instead of having to make do with a ready made software programme or application, with customised software you can be sure that what you will receive will be entirely fit for purpose. There are also significant financial benefits that can be associated with custom made software despite it costing a little more to purchase than off the shelf packages. Software applications that have been made for you don’t require any licence fees, so you can distribute them across your entire organisation without needing to pay extra.

Custom Software Developers will work with your Company

When creating software designed for your company, custom software developers will design and code it to integrate properly within your organisation. The software won’t just help you achieve what you need it to achieve, it will be rich in features and tools that will make it usable by the people who will be operating it. With a piece of custom software all the requirements of your company will be considered, and developers will meet these both in the way that they develop the software and the after care that they provide properly. Although some training and support is available with off the shelf software to a certain extent, with custom made software your developers will continue to work with and support your company whether that’s through training staff members in the use of the software or providing maintenance and technical help to remedy any errors that might occur in the software.

Customised Software is Safe and Secure

The ready made software packages available to businesses and organisations today are certainly a lot more secure than the ones that have been developed in previous years, however they don’t compare to the security levels of customised software. Because customised software has been created for your company it will only be usable by individuals in your company. When you purchase custom software you will be given administrator rights to the software ensuring that you can change and alter user profiles and passwords to be in accordance with your own internal data protection policies. Custom software development used on the web is also a lot harder to hack than standard, off the shelf software, and you can be sure that a reputable custom software developer will work hard to keep your application or programme and the data it contains as safe and secure as possible.

Customised Software is Adaptable

Ready made software is designed to be adaptable and flexible, meeting your company’s needs and requirements both now and in the future. Even if you need a few different software programmes to accomplish organisational tasks, a custom developer will be able to integrate the different processes that you need into a single, usable application. Custom software is also much more likely to be cross-platform suitable, so you can be sure that when your company goes mobile you have the software that will support it.

Infographics and Data Visualization – A Better Way for Associations to Get the Message Through

The recent upswing of information graphics and data visualization is not a surprise anymore. More and more companies are using infographics to communicate their messages and reach target audiences.

In today’s busy world, nobody has the time to go over extensive publications or hard to read tables and graphs. With over 90% of the information we remember being visual, infographics are here to stay for a long time.

And yet, having a closer look at some of the communication tools European associations are using to reach their membership across Europe and EU officials, infographics are not so popular. Parts of the problem lies with the fact that European associations do not have a full picture of the benefits infographics bring to them and their members.

So what are the benefits for associations to use more infographics?

For a start, infographics allow representation of your raw data in a clear and simpler way. It gives you the opportunity to bring life to your old graphs and tables. More importantly, infographics tell stories which cannot easily be told using standard tools. Infographics put you in control of what message you want to send and how memorable it shall be. Your audience will not remember a bar chart but with the help of infographics they will remember what that bar chart was about.

Secondly, infographics combine interesting data with great design. You might be excited about the benefits of your or your members’ services or products but do not expect everyone else to share this. In fact, showing a graph will not be different. However, showing infographics loaded with solid data, attention to detail and beautiful design, will have a greater impact.

Thirdly, infographics show great consideration and professionalism for your audience. At the end of the day, we were all trained (most of us anyway!) to make graphs and charts. Creating infographics is much more than that. It requires good raw data, ability to have a story, create a concept and deliver an effective design. Your members, business partners and other stakeholders will appreciate going the extra mile for them.

Last but not least a few words of advice about infographics

We mentioned the benefits of infogaphics for your association and members and it is important that we close with a few words of advice.

1. Infographics are powerful marketing & communication tools. Poor raw data, misleading or unclear information will never deliver effective infographics.
2. For balanced infographics work with professionals both on content and design.
3. There are several infographics templates around the web free of use. It might be tempted to go for those but your infographics must be unique, customized to your needs and based on your identity.
4. Price: infographics are an investment. Effective infographics are memorable and are to be used along your whole communication & marketing channels.

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