Tips in Selecting and Installing Outdoor Christmas Lights

Getting Christmas lights can be a simple task. However, if you need your holiday decorations to be the best, you need to make some effort with your Christmas lights shopping. Also, you need to know how to correctly and safely install these outdoor lights.

Choose your Christmas lights based on the area that you need to decorate. If you want to decorate the whole exterior of your home, you will need a lot of lights. However, if you are looking to light up just a small area in your outdoor space, several lines of Christmas lights might already do the job.

Remember that you can experiment with colors. It might be better to plan your color scheme before you go out and buy the products that you need. Make a draft of where you are going to place the lights. Also determine what colors will be best to use. You may stick with just a single color or you may experiment with a combination of several colors.

There are those that are made with series of LED lights. There are also products which have the conventional bulbs. LED lights might give off more light. However, they might also be more expensive than the older products.

Prioritize your safety when you are installing these lights. If you need to climb up onto your home’s rooftop, you have to be really careful. Find a good ladder which can effectively support your body weight. These lights can be complicated to install as the series of bulbs can be several feet long. When securing them in place, use wires or tapes. Never use nails and other metallic items. Insulated holders are your best options.

Avoid placing these lights on lamp posts and trees that are near power lines. Letting them hang and impede traffic can be dangerous. Walking under these lights might be harmless for some people. But when you have kids that run around all of the time, avoid installing them in places which can put your kids at risk.

If you expect rains to be common in your area, you need to choose the right areas to place your lights. Exposing them into the rain might not be ideal but there are some lights which can withstand such conditions. Just make sure that the plugs will not get wet. Remove the sockets from the electric plugs if you are not using the lights. But if you can avoid exposing your lights to the rain that will even be better. Place them underneath the roof and not above it. Look for areas on your wall which is sheltered from the rain drops.

However, you have the option to buy waterproof lights. These might be more expensive than your regular Christmas lights. These lights will allow you to install them in the middle of your backyard. These should come with waterproof extension cords as well.

Be creative with your designs. Be unique and think of designs which you did not just copy from your neighbor or from something that you saw on TV. Check out Christmas light installation Phoenix, AZ.