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Here is my review of the most popular brand names of audio equipment. Picking the ideal brand is very crucial, you should find the finest compromise between cost and quality for your requirements. Shure: Shure makes earphones, microphones, and individual listening systems. Pros: Name brand name business, almost everybody has become aware of Shure. Their cheaper items benefit some applications. They have somewhat good sound quality. Easy to utilize user interface. Excellent digital items. Cons: Wireless items made very cheaply, do not hold up well to expert use. Their analog systems are prone to wireless disturbance more so than some other brands. Will not hold up for a portable system.

Cons: Inexpensively made. Doubtful company ethics. Breaks quickly. Dreadful sound. Bottom line: Although their products will do the job, you get what you pay for. Don’t utilize Berhringer if there is any possibility whatsoever that you can afford a much better product. Whatever you do, do not get their digital mixers. If you have the cash to go digital, then you have the cash to get a better product. Mackie: Mackie makes mixers, speakers, and amps. Pros: Great sound, Excellent item for the cash. Cons: Some of their older mixers had some problems with channels spoiling after a few years (they claim to have fixed it now).

Yamaha: I will not even attempt to discuss whatever that Yamaha makes, but in the pro-audio world, they make mixers, impacts processors, speakers, and amps. Pros: Easy to utilize digital mixers, Better sound quality than some other brand names, Holds up well to use and tear, Great product for the cash. Cons: Some individuals will inform you that Yamaha products have a certain almost “tinny” noise, however, the majority of people will not notice it, and for some applications it is actually a wanted sound. Bottom line: I see no factor not to buy Yamaha items if they suit your budget, and they are a good quality for the money.

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Pros: Fantastic sound quality, great digital items. Cons: The i, Live mixers are not as easy to use as Yamaha boards in my opinion, but they are still quickly found out. Peavey: Peavey makes instruments and instrument devices, mixers, amps, speakers, and effects processors. Pros: Low-cost, Better than Berhinger. Cons: Does not sound that great, somewhat delicate. Bottom line: Peavey makes a good entry level product, they have to do with the least expensive I would think about purchasing. Their speakers also make decent monitors if you are on a budget plan. Lexicon: Lexicon makes effects processors. Pros: Fantastic quality, finest result processors for your money. Cons: None that I can discover. Bottom line: Lexicon results are the only results processors that I will buy.

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Pros: Helpful for setup speakers, excellent sound quality. Cons: They are not the very best for portable sound, can break much easier than some other brand names. Bottom line: Great for a long-term setup, not so helpful for portable systems. Dynacord: Dynacord makes speakers, amplifiers, and mixers. Pros: Great quality items. Cons: None that I know of. Bottom line: Dynacord is not a brand I have actually utilized a lot, so there may be aspects of them I am not familiar with. DBX: DBX makes signal processors. They are actually made by the very same business that makes Lexicon effects. Pros: Fantastic sound quality, simple to utilize. Cons: A little on the expensive side. Bottom line: Terrific items, if you have the cash, use DBX.Soundcraft: Soundcraft makes luxury mixers.