Making a Decision on Your Wedding Destination is Not Easy

With the rules regarding wedding procedures having relaxed considerably in recent years, many couples are taking advantage of this freedom to add something unusual to their wedding day. While some might choose to incorporate a life-long passion into their wedding theme, such as a Dr Who or Star Trek wedding, others might have a wedding that features a shared hobby, such as ice-skating or scuba diving. For those less adventurous who still want to make the start of their married relationship something to remember; international destination weddings are another alternative.

As Colorado destination weddings have become increasingly popular, they have also become easier and more straightforward to organise with companies and venues offering couples the answers to all their wedding needs. The majority of destination weddings involve civil ceremonies at historic buildings or outdoor locations, depending, of course, on the marriage laws governing the destination of your choice.

While it is not always possible to have a legal wedding ceremony in all countries, there are plenty of experts and agents out there who can advise you on your destination choice. Some countries make it almost impossible for non-resident couples to marry. For example, France requires that both parties are resident in the country for at least 42 days prior to the wedding date while Italy requires couples to undergo a civil ceremony prior to a religious wedding service.

Despite this, the choices available to couples are extensive and there is a comprehensive range of destinations to select for your wedding. In Greece, you can marry at the edge of a volcano while in South Africa you can marry surrounded by wild animals while on safari. In locations like Mauritius you can organise for your wedding to take place on the beach of a deserted island while in Alaska you can take a helicopter flight to the top of a glacier and commit to your relationship in the snow!

Some of the favoured destinations for 2010 include South Africa, Jamaica and Mexico. With South Africa hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup, this might be the perfect way to combine a treat for your husband-to-be whilst still indulging your own wedding dreams of unspoiled shoreline and dazzling dunes.

In Jamaica you can choose to marry in lush gardens surrounded by exotic vegetation; in a magnificent plantation mansion; or one of the many golden beaches languishing along the coast. If you are looking for something more traditional, there are charming churches and picturesque chapels to choose from. If an international destination does not add enough excitement on its own, you could choose to hold your wedding under the Dunn’s River Falls or even underwater!

One of the most popular wedding destinations in Mexico is Cancun, with its pristine beaches, beautiful indigenous flora and breath-taking Mayan ruins. Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose to have a simple chapel ceremony or a lavish extravaganza in a beautifully located salon or hotel.

Wherever and however you eventually decide to tie the knot, remember that this is not the end – only the beginning – so make sure your wedding day is about you and your husband and your future relationship together – as well as the biggest party of your life!