Places to eat in Austin

Austin restaurants are well famous all over the world because of the quick service and quality food they provide. So if you are fond of Austin eating then you should try the famous Austin restaurants. The restaurants in Austin have a wonderful taste for both food and decor. Some of the Austin Downtown restaurants and Mexican restaurants in Austin are the places worth visiting. These Austin restaurants provide you a variety of food and a cosy atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the delicious food, forgetting all your worries and pains.

Though every restaurant in Austin City has got its own unique quality but we describe here, some of the popular restaurants in Austin.The Olivia Restaurant is famous for using the local Austin products. These people have a great architecture in their restaurant. Another mention worthy fact is that you will always come across the food with creativity though they are basically home-like in nature. The other restaurant in Austin which is a must to visit is the Counter Cafe. It was included in the “50 Best Burgers in Texas”. Here the burgers and sandwiches are a delight to taste. Green Pastures Restaurant also serves tempting food. Many wedding celebrations are arranged here. The Truluck’s Restaurant provides a variety of seafood in a cool and cosy atmosphere. Another restaurants in Austin that can be mentioned for the great food and simple surroundings is the ‘Roaring Fork”. If you want to try some good French food in Austin then Aquarelle will be the right option for you. The names in the menu may look difficult to pronounce but as far as the taste is concerned, it’s awesome! Driskell Restaurant is the one which is famous for its wonderful service and of course its wonderful food.

The Austin downtown restaurants also include some popular Austin restaurants. The Sagra Italian Restaurant is one of them. This restaurant has got modesty with style in its environment. Sophisticated food is served here and there is warm welcoming service. Carmelo’s Italian Restaurant situated in Downtown Austin is famous for its continental food. This restaurant also offers the complimentary valet parking. Louie’s 106 is another restaurant in Downtown Austin which is worth mentioning. It is situated on the famous 6th Street. It has a great combination of delicious tapas and more then 600 wine labels.

Talking about the Mexican restaurants in Austin the name that first strikes in our mind is Abuelo’s Mexican restaurant situated at Barton Creek Square Mall in West Austin. This Austin Mexican restaurant boasts has an extensive menu of authentic Mexican and Southwestern dishes. In addition you can also enjoy the colorful but of course the casual atmosphere. Curra’s Grill is the other name in list of some good Mexican restaurants in Austin. They have delicious finger foods for sale all round the year. Everything from chicken, sweet, bean or veggie can be tried here.You may also top off your meal with an avocado margarita, a Curra’s specialty that has been very famous. The Curra’s Grill is also known as “the mother of all Mex” in South Austin Mexican restaurants. It is also many people’s choice among all the Austin restaurants.

Either you try the restaurants in Downtown Austin or the popular Mexican restaurants in Austin but one thing is for sure and that is your visit to these Austin restaurants will be a memorable one both in terms of environment and food. So have a happy and delicious eating in Austin!

One of the key features of the Austin City is the Austin restaurants which are with a variety of food and facilities. There are several good ones in the Austin Downtown which are renowned for their food and frolic. The Mexican restaurants in Austin are again worth a treat with the refreshing Austin Live Music which plays in the background.